Day 4

So far no stark difference except that perhaps Michael is making slightly more sense and staying on topic better. He also asked for chores this morning instead of complaining about them. Probably the most positive thing about this diet so far are how much my kids love the food and how good I feel about giving it to them and my ability to make all of the new foods. It has been really fun to create my own sauces and syrups and I think we may never go back on most of them that we have tried. I feel like a better mom because I have also been focusing on the health factor of the foods. For instance I have been looking up nutrient content of many of the foods I give them because if I am not giving them enriched cereals and pastas I want to be sure they are still getting those nutrients from other sources.


banana oat muffins
fruit and juice smoothies


Peanut butter chocolate chip Granola bars

apple slices


Leftover french toast with peanut butter and homemade syrup YUM!


kirkland organic tortilla chips


more granola bars


whole wheat spaghetti

quick homemade spaghetti sauce



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