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Living Chemical Free

Ok,  so I recently started my family on a chemical free diet in hopes that it will improve my four year old son Michael’s behavior, attention span, and focus as well as improve the overall health of my family. He is behind in some areas of understanding and he seems to be hyperactive, oversensitive, and has a difficult time sitting still or focussing on one subject for any period of time. He basically can’t seem to stop talking (very loudly), moving, or whining. He also has had dark circles under his eyes for basically as long as I can remember. The doctor thought it might be allergy related and lately I have read several blogs and articles regarding added dyes, chemicals, and preservatives in our food having a huge affect on some children’s behavior. In other words, some children have a sensitivity or allergy to some of these additives. In order to assess whether Michael has an additive or dye sensitivity  I have decided to completely remove as many of the chemicals and dyes in our food as possible to see if there is any noticeable change. I am not going completely organic so there will probably still be a small amount of chemicals in our food due to pesticides and fertilizers used in the growth of our foods. I will buy about half of our fruits and veggies from organic sources but all other food will be conventional but without additives. I am going to keep track of what we eat and which brands I have found to have the least additives.

Sunday August 14th, 2011 was our first day on the diet.