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Time for a Re-start!

This weekend was a complete wash for the chemical free diet. We went to visit family for the weekend and attended a wedding. So our kids were completely spoiled by relatives. They ate all sorts of fun things including skittles and star-burst candies (full of dyes and all sorts of crap),  regular bread (loaded with all sorts of chemicals and ingredients I definitely don’t recognize), and several other foods that I just don’t know what was in them. So tomorrow we will start over. My goal is to go a week and evaluate at that time. Although I have to say I saw a definite change in Michael after the junk food. He was extremely hyper and almost out of control at times. But I am not entirely convinced that it was the food and not the excitement of being around family and having a new Grandma (who he absolutely adores). His behavior was very erratic at times he would be completely crazy but at other times (sometimes only moments later) he would be very well behaved and in much better control. But definitely overall he was more wild than he has been for the last few days.